Our Villain Era Candle celebrates choosing YOU unapologetically. The Villain Era isn't about immorality but rather a prioritization of your own wellbeing. It's stepping away from people pleasing and asserting boundaries, communicating your needs and prioritizing them. It's a reminder to reclaim your time, power, energy and mental bandwidth to refocus on yourself. It's an invitation to really live your life rather than curating it. Understand, everyone is not going to survive this era, but those that do, love you for you and not for what you do. - fall dangerously in love with you! 

SMELLS LIKE: Living Unapologetically & Reclaiming My Power - warm earthiness of shea butter skin, sitting by a fire, curled up on a buttery leather couch, inhaling crisp autumn air. 

SCENT PROFILE: Top: Almond, Leather, Bergamont  Middle: Shea, Coconut, Amber, Smoke, Honey, Coriander  Base: Woods, Light Musk, Tonka, Moss, Tobacco Leaves 

Select our Crystal Bundle to add a crystal that will optimize your Villain Era.

  • Women Owned
  • Black Owned
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 8.5oz Soy Wax
  • Cotton Core Wick 
  • 40-50 Hour Burn Time
  • Handmade in Brooklyn