Safety Disclaimer

At Virtuous G™, we want you to experience the maximum enjoyment and pleasure from our candles. However, it's very important that you burn candles responsibly to ensure their safe use. Please use care and precautions when using candles. Burn at your own risk. It is recommended to place a lit candle on a heat resistant coaster/surface to prevent any possibility of heat damage. 

Virtuous G™ is NOT responsible for damage or injury due to lack of care and attention when burning our candles or any misuse of candles and crystals. All responsibility is yours.

Virtuous G™ assumes no responsibility for any injuries, damages or losses of any kind due to your use of any product purchased from Virtuous G™. 

Your purchase from Virtuous G™ signifies your acceptance of the aforementioned information and policies as listed on our site.


The appearance of crystals will vary from images on our site. Crystals are naturally produced by the earth so each crystal is original, unique and will not consistently look the same. Crystals in our candles are subject to change in restock as there may not be the same stock available. 

Any images and descriptions displayed on Virtuous G™ are to help identify the type of crystal and its properties.

Under no circumstance do crystals replace medication and should not be used in natural consumable remedies. If you are unwell and in need of medical attention please see your doctor for medical advice. Do not consume or rely on crystals for medicinal use.

Crystals are a choking hazard to people of all ages, including babies, children and pets – please keep out of their reach. Do not consume any crystals – as some are soluble and will dissolve in water based liquids that can produce toxins. Please seek advice before introducing water based liquids to crystals. If consumed, please seek medical advice and attention immediately.