Candle Care

For optimal burning, trim wicks to a ¼” before each light to avoid smoking and overheating with your Virtuous G™ Wick Trimmer.⠀

Once the flame is extinguished make sure the wick is upright and centered.⠀

The first burn of any candle should be long enough for the entire top layer of wax to liquify. This will ensure an even burn for each light. Refrain from burning candles longer than 3-5 hours at a time, and never burn a candle when there is less than ¼” of wax at the base.⠀

Always protect the surface on which the candle sits.⠀

Candles are for your enjoyment, so burn with love.

  • Remove all packaging before you light the candle.
  • Always use an appropriate holder placed and burn on a protected, heat-resistant surface.
  • Burn candles indoors, away from drafts, other heat sources, and any flammable objects or materials.
  • Keep burning candles within sight at all times and away from children/pets.
  • Keep wax pool free of wick trimmings, matches or any foreign matter - this is combustible material and may cause a fire hazard.
  • Do not allow the flame to touch the side of the container. The container may become hot. Handle carefully.
  • Do not move candles while they are lit.
  • Handle with care; containers are fragile. Do not use if cracked, chipped or scratched. Do not refill with wax.
  • Soy Wax spills can be cleaned with ease. Use warm soapy water.
  • If smoking occurs, safely extinguish the candle with a Candle Snuffer, trim wick, remove trimmings and relight.
  • When candle wax has burned down to 1/2" of the base, the candle will become hotter from flame causing heat retention. Exercise caution when burning.
  • To minimize wax left on the sides of the container, burn 2-4 hours at a time; it is normal for some wax to be left, the amount varying per color, fragrance and burning conditions.
  • Extinguish carefully.

Storing Candles

Candles are sensitive to light and temperature, so be careful when storing them for any extended period of time. Avoid color fading, melting or cracking by storing candles in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight or fluorescent light. Storage temperature should not be allowed to exceed 27°C or fall below 0°C. Exposure to moisture may inhibit relighting.

Cleaning Candles

Should the mouth of a container become blackened while burning simply extinguish the candle, allow to cool and carefully wipe the jar with a dry paper towel. To avoid such blackening keep the wick trimmed to 1/4" at all times.

Cleaning Spilled Wax from Tabletops, Fabrics, Etc.

We strongly suggest you seek professional advice from cleaning experts such as carpet cleaners or furniture refinishers.

Burn Times

Candles should only burn 2-4 hours at any time.