The energy of prosperity and abundance is flowing all around us. There is no reason we should live in scarcity. Our Money Drawing Candles helps draw that energy to you and your life. It can be used for an increase in money flow, increase in savings, new opportunities that open doors to better finances, prosperity, success, abundance, wealth, new employment, and financial gain. It is made with potent prosperity herbs and oils and charged with energy and intentions.

Our Money Drawing Candle is made with highly effective essential oils, herbs and money drawing energy. It will aid you in your spiritual path for whatever your needs may be. This meditation candle can be used while meditating on what you want, used in your place of business, while in business meetings, etc.

Remember the law attraction and to keep positive.

The color green symbolize prosperity, money, new growth + abundance.

Safely remove crystals with our BAMBOO TONGS

SCENT: Patchouli + Basil

  • Woman Owned
  • 16oz Coconut Wax
  • Glass Jar
  • Double Wick
  • Vegan + Cruelty Free
  • Handmade in USA 

*Blend of essential oils, essence oils, herbs, and crystals. Natural smell of herbs and flowers may interfere with candle fragrance. 

Crystals, flowers and/or embellishments may vary depending on supply and stock but we do our best to make it similar and just as magical.