This candle lets the love vibes flow all around. When lit, it creates a happy and loving shift in the space around you. You can’t help but smile and feel the love. It also inspires and creates a euphoric sensation. Light the candle and let it do its thing or customize your intention by holding the candle in your hands and give it direction on how you want it to work.

Safely remove crystals with our BAMBOO TONGS

SCENT: Rose + Tobacco 

  • Woman Owned
  • 16oz Coconut Wax
  • Glass Jar
  • Double Wick
  • Vegan + Cruelty Free
  • Handmade in USA 

*For legal purposes, results are not guaranteed. Made in ritual and infused with Magick, Intention and Reiki energy. Crystals, flowers and/or embellishments may vary depending on supply and stock but we do our best to make it similar and just as magical. Blend of essential oils, essence oils, herbs, and crystals. Natural smell of herbs and flowers may interfere with candle fragrance.