Recognized as a sign of protection and blessings, the Hamsa is believed to offer protection against the Evil Eye and attract goodness, abundance, fertility, luck and good health. The Nazar or Evil Eye symbol brings good luck and protects you from any ill-will that could otherwise have a negative effect on your well-being or your life in general.

Use this candle to rid and protect yourself from any negative energies that have latched on to you. Whether it be negative people, situations, thought patterns or simply that unknown heavy, dark feeling. This candle intends to bring more good and positive energy into your life, as well as, peace, luck, renewal, clarity and focus. Pair with our Evil Eye Protection Body Oil to maximize the effect.

Safely remove crystals with our BAMBOO TONGS

SCENT: Sandalwood, Blue Spruce, Sage, Lavender + Eucalyptus⠀
  • Women Owned
  • Eco-Friendly
  • 8oz Vegan Soy Wax
  • Essential Oils
  • Handmade in USA

*Natural smell of herbs and flowers may interfere with candle fragrance. Crystals, flowers and/or embellishments may vary depending on supply and stock but we do our best to make it similar and just as magical. 

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